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Kanade CV 2 art

Kanades CV2 art

Kanade Fujisawa

Kanade Fujisawa was created on September 21st, 2020, originally called "Cocoa/Coco". The samples from the early stage of the voicebank can be found in CV1, where the vowels were retained.
She has 3 voicebanks as of May 28th, 2021, CV1, CV2, VCV (In development), and an English NNSVS (In development)



- NNSVS Voicebank (English)- VCV Voicebank (Japanese)- 3D model


クレジットは動画にリンクするか、「Shino Ataya」とだけ書いてください、直接のダウンロードリンクは貼らないでください。



if you want to download any of my USTs/etc, you have to credit me (unless otherwise stated)
If no credit becomes a problem I won't distribute anything freely anymore.
Credit by linking the download video/souncloud or just by writing "Shino Ataya", do not link the direct download link
If the link is taken down redistribution is allowed

SHINO ATAYA: the unfinished index

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